2nd Avenue Plaza


    Driscolls Land Surveyors were commissioned by Erceg Management to provide an amalgamation of three lots into one, engineering set out and lease plans for 2nd Avenue Plaza, Beaufort Street Perth. Conditional approval of the amalgamation required a road and lane widening on either side of the property and a 6m x 6m truncation to be including in the amalgamation. Driscolls Land Surveyors handled all of the conditional requirements for the amalgamation to occur.

    With the completion of the amalgamation process, Driscolls Land Surveyors were provided with architectural and engineering drawings from which points plots plan were created and sent to the client. Upon request from the client engineering set out works were completed in a timely fashion. At the competition of the building Driscolls Land Surveyors provided the client with accurate Lease Plans for the property.